Increase Your Libido Naturally

Increase Your Libido Naturally with NATRAflex Premium Velvet Antler

While most NATRAflex Premium Velvet Antler customers purchase the daily supplement for benefits related to joint care, improving strength, or boosting energy, many have discovered its ability to increase their libido. Best of all, the increased libido occurs naturally without the harmful side effects of libido-related drugs like Viagra. Furthermore, velvet antler has been shown to increase the libido in both men and women.

The libido naturally decreases with age due to loss of testosterone in men and estrogen in women. This depletion can be stabilized and even reversed safely and naturally through the compounds contained in velvet antler. As noted in the popular book, Velvet Antler: A Gift from Nature, written by Cindy Ewashkiew, D.T. and Marion Allen, Ph.D., R.N., “velvet antler has gonadotrophic functions, which means it enhances the hormone that causes the testes and ovaries to do their work…Anecdotal evidence from Asia says that velvet antler was used to treat impotence in men, infertility in women, and to prevent miscarriage in early pregnancy. Numerous research studies in North America demonstrate that velvet antler increases testosterone levels in men and estrogen levels in women. It should be clarifed that these studies are not saying that velvet antler contains testosterone or estrogen, but that velvet antler contains nutrients that are necessary in the production, utilization, and absorption of testosterone and estrogen in the body..”

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For over a decade, NATRAflex’s natural velvet antler products have helped thousands of men, women, and world-class athletes. The supplement is taken daily to strengthen weak joints, boost energy, aid muscle growth, increase bone density, and maintain general vitality. And, of course, don’t forget about the added benefit of increasing your libido naturally.
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