SUPERflex for Pets Benefits

Aid joint pain relief
Build cells and boost energy
Accelerate bone growth
Rebuild joint cartilage
Strengthen bones & teeth
Reduce infection
Help cells restore and release energy
Regulate blood clotting activity



SUPERflex for Pets 

SUPERflex for pets is a natural dog supplement for domestic animals that blends NATRAflex velvet antler powder and American ginseng root. This pet supplement is specially formulated to soothe & rebuild sore joints, strengthen bones & hips, revive playfulness, and enhance mobility in dogs and cats.

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Most “natural” joint care products that contain chondroitin and glucosamine are made from swine, cattle and shellfish remains, and require destruction of the animal source. However, Natraflex Premium Velvet Antler is a complete renewable, environmentally friendly product made without harming any animals. It is harvested from ranch-raised domestic elk and red deer raised under strict conditions that ensure the safety, comfort and dignity of these beautiful creatures.

Domesticated elk and deer have been raised to provide Velvet Antler products for centuries in other countries, and elk ranching is a growing industry in North America. In some ways elk ranching can be compared to the wool industry. The livestock provide a renewable product without threatening the animal’s well-being. However, elk ranching provides an ecologically-conscious alternative to most common ranching practices that may result in over-grazing, ground water contamination or animal abuse.

Unlike many cattle ranches, which may use feedlot techniques, elk ranched under the American Elk Product Board and North American Elk Breeders Association standards are raised in free-range conditions, simulating their natural environment. These beautiful animals are typically healthier and better fed than elk found in the wild. These standards also ensure the animals are kept free from physical discomfort, pain, injury and disease. They even require that the elk be handled in a calm, quiet fashion to reduce animal anxiety. In addition, the guidelines mandate that the elk are raised in an environment that provides abundant feed that’s free from harmful chemicals, growth hormones or other harmful drugs. Natraflex producers must comply with strict North American Elk Breeders Association (NAEBA) or American Elk Products Board (AEPB) ranching and velvet antler collection standards. Natraflex maintains detailed ranch and material sourcing records for each batch of product made. These records are so meticulous, they can be traced from each bottle’s lot number back to the ranch that produced the antlers.

Elk bulls naturally grow and shed their antlers each year. In the wild, antlers are used as weapons, but in a domestic environment, hard antlers can be a danger to other animals. Typically, antlers are removed in the spring, when the antlers are in the nutrient-rich “velvet” stage characterized by a fuzzy, velvet-like covering. Velvet Antler collection is performed annually in the spring using state of the art, humane procedures prescribed by NAEBA and AEPB to ensure minimum levels of stress or discomfort for the animals. The whole procedure takes less than 15 minutes, and the animals are released back to their normal free-range area to live virtually undisturbed for another year.


Q: How safe is NATRAflex Velvet Antler?
A: Velvet Antler has been clinically proven safe and effective, without the harmful side effects of many over-the-counter and prescription drugs. NATRAflex Premium Velvet Antler is processed in state-of-the-art, government-inspected facilities. And every batch is independently tested for purity and safety, unlike some other natural products. Potency is standardized using computerized procedures to ensure consistency and maximum effectiveness. As with all products, pregnant women and those with serious medical conditions should consult their nutritionist or physician before using any supplement.

Q: How does NATRAflex Velvet Antler compare to over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers?
A: Most over-the-counter and prescription joint-care products are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs known as NSAIDs. NSAIDs include acetaminophen, asprin, ibuprofen and many other pain relievers. NSAIDs only relieve pain and are ineffective on the underlying problems often associated with joint problems, such as cartilage degeneration. In fact, NSAIDs may actually contribute to joint degeneration, since they may prevent the growth of collagen, a necessary component for cartilage growth. NSAIDs can also produce serious drug side effects such as liver damage, kidney damage and deterioration of the gastrointestinal tract lining. While NSAIDs may temporarily relieve joint pain, with daily use over a period of at least two to four weeks, the compounds in Velvet Antler actually perform significantly better than conventional NSAIDs. That’s because Velvet Antler contains compounds that actually help the body regenerate worn-away cartilage.

Q: Are any animals harmed in the production of NATRAflex Premium Velvet Antler?
A: No! Other “natural” joint-care products such as chondroitin and glucosamine are made from swine bones, cattle trachea, shark parts or shellfish remains, requiring the destruction of these animals. But NATRAflex Premium Velvet Antler is made from the antlers of ranch-raised elk and deer, without harming any animals. Just as sheep provide a renewable source of wool, elk and deer bulls naturally grow new antlers every year. Ranchers harvest the antlers in the spring, during the nutrition-rich “velvet” stage, enhancing the safety and comfort of the animals. Antler harvesting is actually beneficial to the animals, since the natural shedding process can be physically traumatic, and fully matured antlers may cause harm to other animals within the herd. NATRAflex ranchers adhere to strict standards that ensure the quality of the antler and ensure the animals are treated safely, humanely and with respect and dignity.

Q: What are the benefits of daily use of NATRAflex Premium Velvet Antler?
A: NATRAflex’s high-grade velvet antler capsules are dosed to be taken daily as a complement to other multi-vitamins and supplements you consume. Through many research studies and decades of testimonials by regular users, velvet antler helps to strengthen weak joints, boost energy, aid muscle growth, balance cardiovascular activity, enhance bone density, and heighten general vitality.