Have You Hit the Fitness and Strength Plateau?

You’ve been working out all summer long. Running around the neighborhood, hitting the gym for weights, and still you just don’t feel like you’re as strong as you should be by now. You may need all natural supplements to help you reach your fitness and strength goals. Pure IGF and Pure IGF Extreme from NATRAflex are here to help.

Are you looking to be lean, to build muscle, to release stored fat, and to reach total wellness? To reach your peak fitness and strength potential, you need Pure IGF and Pure IGF Extreme. These products are comprised of highly concentrated forms of velvet antler which include Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1) and related co-factors with many other compounds which will help you in overcome your plateau.

Insulin-Like growth Factors combined with the other natural essential compounds found in velvet antler enable athletes to sustain higher energy levels to aid them in reaching fitness and strength goals through workouts. But working out simply isn’t enough. To excel over the fitness plateau, overall wellness is imperative. IGF-1 and related co-factors included in Pure IGF and Pure IGF Extreme will increase lean body mass, help reduce fat, build muscle, assist in glucose metabolism, aid in the absorption of critical compounds, and even help you to release stored fat!

Let’s be honest with ourselves. When trying to work toward peak fitness and strength goals, we sometimes over-do it in the gym, resulting in injuries and ultimately time off from work outs. This is very frustrating, as it simply sets us back on our timeline to our goals. Transforming Growth Factor, Alpha (TF-Alpha) and Transforming Growth Factor, Beta (TGF-Beta) are found in Pure IGF and Pure IGF Extreme and is present as an anti-inflammatory. It promotes wound healing and aids the immune system. In this way, Pure IGF and Pure IGF Extreme keep you on the road toward achieving your goals.

Workout recovery is crucial to success and wellness. If muscles are not capable of restoring or healing themselves after workouts, the end result is soreness, achiness, and ultimately time away from workouts. Cell regeneration is the method which increases strength and lean muscle mass. Without recovery and cell regeneration, your workout is counter-productive. Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) and Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF) are present in Pure IGF and Pure IGF Extreme to promote healthy tissue development, impede abnormal tissue development, and decrease gastric acid secretion.

Adding Pure IGF and Pure IGF Extreme with NATRAflex to your wellness plan will give you the energy you need to keep up the workouts and the compounds you need to become leaner, stronger, and more active.

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