NATRAFLEX Velvet Antler OT

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Daily care for joint mobility, bone health and physical performance! 250mg capsules / 90-capsule bottle (30-day supply)

NATRAFLEX Velvet Antler is a natural supplement taken daily to enhance and heighten general vitality. Natraflex is an all-natural supplement that provides powerful nutritional components that are otherwise missing in the typical American diet. Our 100% Natural Elk Velvet Antler is in its whole food form. Most products on the shelf today contain synthesized nutrients that are created by scientists in a lab. These products contain dead nutrients. Natraflex Velvet Antler contain a spectrum of live nutrients that signal the body to effectively utilize those nutrients. No synthesized nutritional product on the market today can duplicate what Natraflex does.

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Containing 750 milligrams of Elk Antler Velvet in every serving, NATRAFLEX Velvet Antler focuses on providing your body with the most effective dosage of IGF-1. This substance will help to shorten recovery time, boost strength, lengthen endurance, and more.
• Enhance Vitality
• Natural Ingredients
• 750mg Per Serving
• 90 Capsules Per Bottle

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