NATRAFLEX Velvet Antler

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NATRAFLEX Premium Velvet Antler is an all-natural whole food composed of a variety of complex nutrients critical to good health and a well-functioning immune system.  

Benefits of adding NATRAFLEX Premium Velvet Antler to your daily diet include increased energy and stamina, accelerated healing and inhibiting the aging process.

Research has shown velvet antler, because of its excellent composition of amino acids and minerals, stimulates the body’s metabolism, improves overall cellular performance and reduces inflammation.  NATRAFLEX, when taken daily, is uniquely suited to relieve joint pain, boost energy, aid muscle growth, balance cardiovascular activity, increase libido naturally, enhance bone density and heighten general vitality.





Containing 750 milligrams of Elk Antler Velvet in every serving, NATRAFLEX Velvet Antler focuses on providing your body with the most effective dosage of IGF-1. This substance will help to shorten recovery time, boost strength, lengthen endurance, and more.
• Natural Pain Reliever
• Enhance Vitality
• Natural Ingredients
• 750mg Per Serving

• 90 Capsules Per Bottle

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A friend gave me a bottle of Natraflex to try and I was amazed by the results and have made an order to be renewed monthly. Great product. I'm 81 and have joint pain for the past few years and this product has relieved the pain considerably. Thanks!*


I'm very impressed with Velvet Antler, and just ordered more. It relieves the pain in my hip. I'm even giving it to my dog who tore his ACL, and he's shown improvement.*

-Ginger Voorhorst


I have using your product Natraflex for about three months and I am very happy with the results. I had two fractures in my elbow that were not healing and now they are.*

-Marjorie Schwalm

Delia Whitehead

My brother had a dog with a bad hip, and some friends gave the dog this Elk Antler, and the dog stopped hobbling. When he ran out of the Elk Antler, the dog started hobbling again. He bought some of this Elk Antler, and sure enough, the dog stopped hobbling and started running. So he started taking it. He swears by it, and has been telling me about it for years, but I kind of forgot about it. Until I really tore my meniscus and was seriously laid up. Everyone was talking surgery, surgery, surgery, but I'm not in a position to take the time to recover from surgery, plus, I'd try anything under the sun to avoid surgery.
So I tried this Elk Antler, and by golly, after the tear sort of healed, I was able to walk around. Was it the tincture of time? Maybe. Life got busy and I somehow forgot to take the Elk Antler for a month or so - without sharp pain, I forgot about it. The pain returned. I thought, hey, this will be a good experiment, and I started taking Elk Antler again. The relief was better than the Cortisone shot I had received before starting with Elk Antler.
Okay, I'm sold. And so grateful. Eight months after really blowing my knee out, I'm walking around on it without pain and with just a neoprene brace for stability. Hear this, folks. Surgery, surgery, surgery is what everyone was saying (except the surgeon, who said I wouldn't be able to stay off of it well enough to recover from surgery, so we should just manage the pain with Cortisone and pain killers that I wasn't about to take) and a handful of months of taking this Elk Antler, and I'm walking around on that knee. And recommending this particular Elk Antler at every turn. For instance, I have 2 friends who had knee surgery a year ago, and neither one of them are as pain free as I am now.*

Thank you so much for this fabulous product!


I have been using Velvet Antler for several years now and at 89 years of age I want to say THANK YOU as life is much easier and getting around is not a problelm to me. Also I have a dachaund about 12 years old that is able to move with ease after taking Superflex for several years also. My other dog is about 6 years old and a runner so he needs Superflex for his speed and agility.*

-Nell Revvier, Age 89


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