NATRAFLEX Velvet Antler

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NATRAFLEX Premium Velvet Antler is an all-natural whole food composed of a variety of complex nutrients critical to good health and a well-functioning immune system.  

Benefits of adding NATRAFLEX Premium Velvet Antler to your daily diet include increased energy and stamina, accelerated healing and inhibiting the aging process.

Research has shown velvet antler, because of its excellent composition of amino acids and minerals, stimulates the body’s metabolism, improves overall cellular performance and reduces inflammation.  NATRAFLEX, when taken daily, is uniquely suited to relieve joint pain, boost energy, aid muscle growth, balance cardiovascular activity, increase libido naturally, enhance bone density and heighten general vitality.





Containing 750 milligrams of Elk Antler Velvet in every serving, NATRAFLEX Velvet Antler focuses on providing your body with the most effective dosage of IGF-1. This substance will help to shorten recovery time, boost strength, lengthen endurance, and more.
• Natural Pain Reliever
• Enhance Vitality
• Natural Ingredients
• 750mg Per Serving

• 90 Capsules Per Bottle

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Stiffness of joints

This helps me not have a muscle strained feeling within a week of taking it daily.

Barry Mankowitz

have been using it for years. I take it for my workouts and playing golf. After 9 holes I take another capsule and have the strength to finish all 18 holes with high energy.
At 80 years old this is a blessing

A. D. Holt

I have used NATRAFEX from the time it was put on the market. I was a elk rancher in the past and knew the developer of NATRAFLEX. I have known the benefits of the product and personally experienced these benefits. I have always passed on these benefits to friends who have also found the same benefits.

David Paulsen
The Best

I started with Natra flex antler velvet over 20 years ago at one point when we moved I stopped taking it and within a matter of a few weeks my shoulders were so sore I got back on it. I’m sold on this product and I got my mom on it for her knees and it worked miracles for her


A friend gave me a bottle of Natraflex to try and I was amazed by the results and have made an order to be renewed monthly. Great product. I'm 81 and have joint pain for the past few years and this product has relieved the pain considerably. Thanks!*


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