The TOP 5 Reasons to include NATRAflex Premium Velvet Antler in your daily diet.

  1. Safe.  All natural whole food with no side effects.*
  2. Effective.  Used for centuries throughout the world to treat joint pain and to support the immune system in humans and domestic animals.*   

One of the main benefits of NATRAflex all-natural velvet antler supplements is its effect on the immune system.  We all want to be in top performance condition whether we are Olympic athletes, weekend warriors or office dwellers.  Consistent usage of all-natural velvet antler has been scientifically proven to nurture and support the immune system.  A healthy immune system translates into every aspect of our lives.  When we feel better, we work better, play harder and our sleep is more restorative and restful.

  1. All-natural.  This supplement is humanely harvested from live animals which regenerate their antler every year.  No chemical additives.        
  2. Inexpensive.  The recommended daily dosage of velvet antler is available for approximately $1/day.  Consistent usage of NATRAflex all-natural velvet antler has been shown to reduce and in some cases eliminate the need for other supplements or medications in humans and animals, providing significant cost savings for your health care plan.
  3. Easy to take.  Vegicaps are easy to swallow and digest and can be taken anytime of day with or without food.