Velvet Antler: Your Avenue to a Healthier Life

We’re living in the 21st century and exploring many new things. Although technology continues to advance, many of us are finding ourselves researching and yearning for a simpler lifestyle, a healthier lifestyle, and an organic lifestyle. To this end, we still have our ailments to which we must attend.

Homeopathic and natural medicines are targeted at treating root causes to ailments where conventional medicines are targeted at treating symptoms. For this reason, homeopathic and natural medicines are gaining momentum in the United States. They are safe, they are effective, and they treat the underlying cause of many ailments.

NATRAflex Premium Velvet Antler is a natural supplement with many properties aimed to strengthen weak joints, boost energy, aid muscle growth, balance cardiovascular activity, increase libido naturally, enhance bone density, and heighten general vitality ( NATRAflex does not inhibit inflammation like NSAIDs. Instead, NATRAflex provides premium natural molecules found in velvet antler to the body to naturally regenerate cartilage, grow bone, build cells, and regulate blood clotting to organically allow the body to function at its peak potential.

So what, you might be asking, is velvet antler? Velvet antler is a traditional Chinese medicine. Contrary to the understanding of many, velvet antler does is not the velvety covering on growing antlers. Rather, velvet antler is the entire antler in a pre-calcified state. For premium velvet antler supplements, the antler is cut off near its base after it is about one half to two-thirds of its full size, and before it becomes hard and dense.  This harvesting does not hurt the animal. The deer family will produce new antlers every year. After the velvet antlers are harvested, the deer will grow more antlers to replace them immediately or the base will be shed at the time it would have even without harvesting of the velvet antler and new antlers will grow at that time.

Premium Velvet Antler from NATRAflex brands has been proven to relieve pain associated with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, increase libido naturally, increase energy and overall vitality, and aid in muscle and cartilage repair and regrowth, among many other benefits.

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